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Vietnam Vets – please don’t forget!

Every so often someone will ask me about my time in Southeast Asia. How can I condense two tours and the resulting thoughts and emotions for the last thirty-nine years down to a few measly sentences. Some of my brother Vietnam Vets in Michigan that are willing to talk of it, also have a similar problem. Most prefer to say nothing at all and to be left alone entirely on this subject. I have been social at times but as in this video here states, I too like my quiet times alone with my own thoughts.

If you would like to understand a little more about us Vietnam Veterans, you might learn something from the one mentioned here. You can also check out their website here and even help them out too, if you will. If so, I would like to give you my and my brothers, eternal thanks for your help and may God Bless You!



Merry Christmas from Tiger Valley

Those of you who believe in the Second amendment as do I, will enjoy this beautiful girl walking out late at night, and alone. Now you guess what will happen . . . surprise! The video is here. Oh and a link to Tiger Valley is here. Tiger Valley is a premier firearms training facility that is on a 168 acre site conveniently in Central Texas for those looking to further their education in firearms. Enjoy the video, I did!


Mourning in America

Thanks to a heads-up from Old NFO-Retired at “Nobody Asked Me” for this well done and touching video.  It is called “Mourning in America”, a video that should touch every American and can be found at his Nobody Asked Me blog or you can find it directly at youTube here.  Please go see it and then take a long, hard think about how you’re voting come November.  Thanks.


Youtube for the Conservative

This is a site that states it is the “Home Of The Conservative”.  Why not check it out?  Click here to go there or copy and paste the URL:


I fought for you.

Courtesy of Robert at American and, comes this link to a very worthwhile video.  If you too support our veterans, please take the time to view this video. You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.  Thanks to all the Vets.


For those of us who get “Senior Moments”

Come on now, admit it.  You’ve had some of those moments too haven’t you?  Walk into the next room and don’t remember why you’re there?  Go into the store and forgot the items you went in to buy in the first place?  I know I have them occasional lapse in memory moments, but I have an excuse.  After all, I had a stroke in 2005 and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m over 60 now, right?  Anyway, here is a little musical number by comedian Mack Dryden that those of us that have had those Senior Moments might hit home.  It is also funny.  Find it here and please enjoy!


HDMI Cables in Gold?

As an electrician, my neighbor thought I could answer this question for him.  So here goes.  “Are the $20 HDMI Cables the same as the $100 ones found at Best Buy?

If they are of equal length, the quick answer would be, “Yes”.  But now a little explanation, the typical conductive coating on the less expensive cable is replaced with an ultra thin conductive coating of gold on the higher priced version.  Why? Because gold is the best electrical conductor there is and it won’t corrode.  What does this mean?  Low static or “noise” interference during playing of your video and sound media would be minimal or even eliminated on cables with the gold coating.  Should you buy only the more expensive cables all the time?  If you live on the ocean with the salt air or plan on using this cable for the next hundred years or more, than the answer is “Yes.”  If not, the cheaper cables will work fine with the typical home installation for a number of years and your eyes and ears probably won’t tell the difference anyway.  Besides which, for the $100 cable, you can buy five of the cheaper ones and have spares around for when they are needed!