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Happy New Year!

Tonight is New Year’s Eve.  So . . . let us start with the obvious.  Don’t party all night and then try to drive home!  Now I would also like to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year!!  And blessings to all!


Have a nice Christmas?

Did everyone have a good Christmas? We had our normal get together, normal as in LOUD! With eight brothers and sisters of which seven were present, as were their spouses, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren . . . did I mention that it was very LOUD!!? Because of my medical conditions and the fact that the good Lord deemed my wife and I to be lucky, er. . childless,  I’m a bit sensitive to loud noises so only remained for a couple of hours. The earache told me it was time to go home! The next morning (Christmas Day), my ear was still hurting, and still is through today. Although it is getting better. With a little peace and quiet in our own home, I expect to have a complete recovery very soon.

Meanwhile I hope everyone enjoyed seeing and visiting their families and that all got what they were hoping for under the Christmas Tree from ol’ St. Nick. At sixty years of age, it amazes me more each year at the speed in which each year passes. Enjoy them fully while you can.

Did you happen to notice that the Christmas commercials started on the third of November this year? Last year it was November sixteenth. Remember when they used to not start their crass commercialism until after Thanksgiving? And they wonder why people don’t “get into the spirit” like they used to. Oh well! Let me be the first to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, for next year! By the way, only three-hundred and sixty-four shopping days until Christmas!


It’s Christmas Eve!

Hello everyone.

Just a quick note for all. I might just be old-fashioned and it might not be politically correct.  But I wanted to say this to all for tomorrow, the Eve of Our Savior’s Birthday!


Also as a Veteran myself, I can understand the loneliness and homesickness associated with our military forces this time of year.  So please give a prayer to the men and women now serving in our military services, both here and overseas.  May He watch over and keep them safe from harm while they bravely serve.  Amen.

Window Cleaner Recipe

Question: A friend of mine recently inquired of me, what is a good cleaner for his windows without paying a fortune for those little commercial spray bottles of glass cleaner?

Answer: After asking my friend this obvious question first, “Why in the world are you cleaning your windows in the middle of winter?” I was sure to advise him not to use hot water on cold glass during the winter! I then stated this to him, “I’ve met up with many other contractors in the course of my business, including professional commercial and residential window cleaners. I’ve asked each of them a similar version of this same question.” Most common answer is this following recipe:

Window Cleaner Recipe

Take one bucket that your squeegee will fit into, at least two to four gallons in size to contain the mix. Using two gallons of hot water (medium-hot to the touch is sufficient) and to this add one tablespoon of trisodium phosphate (T.S.P.) and mix until completely dissolved. I like the spoonable TSP, but I see there are liquid versions available also now. Add two tablespoons of household white vinegar and mix again. That’s it! You’re now ready to get to work.

Trisodium Phosphate (T.S.P.) can readily be found at your local hardware store. They also have a bio-friendly version of T.S.P. out now but I haven’t tried this in the window cleaner recipe as of yet. So be sure to let me know if any of you have. As to the vinegar, that can be purchase at your local grocery store. Be sure not to include too much TSP in your recipe or you will need to rinse your windows, paint, landscaping and so on afterwards. This will also remove the vinegar which is there to make the windows shine after squeegeeing them off.

Hope this helps everyone. Any of you with good luck with another recipe, please add it in the comment box and I’ll post it too!  Thanks, all!