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Our country’s next leaders.

Hair over the face and eyes, piercings in everything, tattoos all over, black fingernail polish, pants around the knees, the cuffs worn ragged from dragging on the ground and these are the young girls!!  Well . . . at least I think they’re female!  Remember folks, this generation will be your replacement???



Public Assistance?

I’ve recently found a thoroughly entertaining new blog called, “View From My Squad Car“. It is written by a “. . a police officer assigned to patrol in a mid-sized US city” and signs the blog with the name Officer Cynical. He has had me at times laughing and at others, concerned due to the oft-times dangerous work typically performed by our law officers in the performance of their duty.

He describes some of the daily events he faces including violent, non-violent, tedious and sometimes even hilarious situations he’s come across in performing his job. In this recent article he mentions something I’ve personally noticed many times myself of some select people on the public assistance wagon and good or bad, it does happen. He expands on this observation and gives us thought at the same time. Find “Officer Cynical’s View From My Squad Car“. Enjoy!


Latest rage to hit the market in Japan!

Japanese knickers?  What you see in the following pictures aren’t really see-through skirts.  They are actually printed skirts that look as though the panties are visible .  And yes, they are now very popular in Japan. 

Any guess how many more distracted driver accidents we are in for when they hit the fashion-conscious young crowd here in “the states”?


Bumper stickers

Thought in these times we could all use a chuckle, so here are a few bumper stickers sent by an older brother.  Enjoy:


Add style to your garage door?

I happened upon this website and was so amused with the idea, that I decided to post it here for all to enjoy!  Want a jet fighter or maybe a tank in your garage?  Not only can you dress up your garage door no matter how many or how big it may be, but you can also dress up standard sized doors also.  Go ahead an check it out here.  Check the tabs along the left side.  The sample mural pictures that are available are interesting just to look at them on their website.  Have a look-see.


Demonic Squirrel?

Okay, I found this at VTwin Mama located here. It had me rolling with laughter after reading her post titled: “Demonic Squirrel Riding Story by Daniel Meyer”.  It is honestly the funniest thing I’ve read in quite a while.  If you would like to brighten up your day a bit also, pay a visit to read the story here.  Believe me, you will enjoy it!