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Scam Alert! Phone # 315-413-8012

At least that is the number he gave to me today. It shows as a Verizon land-line out of Syracuse, New York. Possibly a Skype/Voip call. Claimed to be “Officer Mark Johnson” with the “Legal Universe Notification Department”, yeah right, with a very difficult to understand Indian accent! There is more information located here and here. What ever you do, don’t give them anything!! They say they have your account numbers and your Social Security number, etc.. and if this were true they would have already emptied your accounts.

Put them on the defensive, ask them questions. Things like, “Okay then, what is my Social Security number?” and so on. Believe me, he will hang up immediately and he might even tell you not to call ‘this’ number again!  By the way, is it possible to make collect calls against his number? Hmmm . . .  I wonder?  Until the next time, be careful and God Bless!



3D Is A Big Scam!!

Really, have any of you gone to your local electronics store and saw the real thing they’re trying to push-off as “new and innovated”, the “very latest” in viewing?  To put it mildly, it’s all HOGWASH!  It’s all hype and nothing else!  Another “fad” to separate the suckers from their hard-earned cash!  The only difference from this “new technology” and the 3D in movie theaters fifty years ago is the nerds 3D Glasses that you had to wear to “see in 3D” back then.  Wait a second!  They’ve been using those loser glasses too, haven’t they!!

So what’s the best advice I can give you about the 3D Technology craze?  Don’t fall for it.  Keep those hard-earned dollars in your pocket, you’ll be happier in the long run.  Believe me.  You still doubt me? Then maybe this will help convince you.  A blog by Jason Hiner over at “ZDNet – Between the Lines” stating the same and don’t most of us trust ZDNet when it comes to the latest electronic news?  It’s dated April 22, 2011 and his link again can be found here.  So save the cash for now, or better yet, buy some new music for yourself and then take your girl out for a nice dinner instead.  And while you’re at it, take the wife along too!!


A WordPress glitch?

For the last couple of days, my WordPress Blog all but disappeared. Not only were all my tags gone, but a number of “pages” too. As for my writings, all but one day plus the one I was working on were gone. Now today, I’m a happy camper once again as all of it is back! What happened? I’ve no idea although I’m now considering a way to back it up, possibly offline or would it be easier to just let it all “blow in the wind” and shut it down if it were to happen permanently next time?

As for backing up a WordPress blog, has anyone a “simple” suggestion for this lay-person? Please leave me a comment if you do. Thanks to all and God Bless.


Spring cleaning ?

Decided it was time to get rid of some things around the ol’ household. We’ve been in our new place (built in ’74 I believe) for six months now and the missus is still antsey about not being able to park her car in the garage. Little does she know that I’m considering taking over the whole garage for my “new” workshop anyway!

Meanwhile, out goes the Electric typewriter, four Handspring Visor Neos with USB cradles and a complete Windows Me computer system that I changed over to run on a Linux Operating System. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get this house in order before it’s time to meet my maker. Well, back to work!