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Mourning in America

Thanks to a heads-up from Old NFO-Retired at “Nobody Asked Me” for this well done and touching video.  It is called “Mourning in America”, a video that should touch every American and can be found at his Nobody Asked Me blog or you can find it directly at youTube here.  Please go see it and then take a long, hard think about how you’re voting come November.  Thanks.



Violence at Governor Kitzhaber’s Portland Meet

After watching this video taken at a meeting in a Portland, Oregon, church meeting, I am definitely reconsidering my vote.  Fellow Oregonians I urge you to do the same!  Assaulting a man with a camera because he was filming Governor Kitzhaber at the meeting!  Unbelievable. All I can say is if you are a registered voter in Oregon, check out this video here.  Appears the people in this video are nothing more than thugs and should be arrested for it.  And thanks to The Right Scoop for the Link to it. If this is the type of people who the Governor likes to associate himself with, then we don’t need him in our state’s highest office!  Join me in rethinking your vote and vote for Chris Dudley instead.  I just won’t reward their violence with my vote!


I’ve been slow posting for a good reason.

I’ve been slow posting due to a change in residence for my missus and I.  We started looking for a new home one and a half years ago and after six months of looking, we put an offer on a “short sale” house with the promise “it will only take 45 to 90 days to close”.  Well here we are, closing finally a year later! 

We have already closed, but are in the middle of moving-in and at the same time doing necessary repairs to make the house livable.  We will be in by the end of this month (September) so hopefully things will get a little more back to normal.  Meantime I apologize for the long stretches between postings and hope you will bear with me in the interim.  Thanks to you all.


Another Arlington Cemetery Update

For those of you following the fiasco that has gone on for some time now, I give you the latest news from Arlington Cemetery!  From U. S. News, Published: Sept. 21, 2010 at 8:26 AM:

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 21 (UPI) — A retired U.S. Air Force colonel has been visiting an empty grave at Arlington National Cemetery because of a burial mistake, a cemetery spokesman said.Army spokesman Gary Tallman confirmed the wife of Col. William C. Koch Jr. was not buried in the grave Koch has been visiting for the past 4 1/2 years, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.  Instead, Tallman said the coffin containing Koch’s wife was found one grave over in a plot marked by a headstone for an army staff sergeant.

Cemetery workers found the staff sergeant in the next grave over in a plot marked for the wife of a retired Navy commander.  When that grave was opened, there were two sets of remains: the staff sergeant’s coffin and an urn containing the remains of the Navy commander’s wife.  The mixups are the latest in a series of burial problems at Arlington that resulted in the ouster of the cemetery’s two top leaders.

Reminds me of playing “The Wheel” in a casino.  Round and round she goes, where it stops nobody knows!  Only winning in this instance is actually finding where your family member is buried!  Come to think of it, maybe the odds of finding your family member’s gravesite would improve with a “Wheel” instead of the system they’re using now.  Couldn’t hurt!


Beautiful artwork with a timely message

The artwork of Jon McNaughton is not only beautiful, but has a message for all Americans.  Please visit his website here to see his talent up close.  Click on either his “One Nation Under God” or “The Forgotten Man” and when it opens, hover your cursor over the people or items to see a descriptive balloon pop-up.  You can also read a little about the artist and the reason he painted these controversial paintings.


Latest rage to hit the market in Japan!

Japanese knickers?  What you see in the following pictures aren’t really see-through skirts.  They are actually printed skirts that look as though the panties are visible .  And yes, they are now very popular in Japan. 

Any guess how many more distracted driver accidents we are in for when they hit the fashion-conscious young crowd here in “the states”?


Camouflage-chic wear on airlines

As found at  A woman who uploaded this photo to CNN iReports says she took it in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and claims the man was allowed to board his flight as dressed in the following photo.

Camouflage-chic for airlines