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Where have the “ladies” gone?

I’m sure this will get the dander up on a few individuals, but so be it.  It is after all only one man’s opinion.  Our generation (baby-boomers) were raised with the typical traditional values of our parents.  Honesty, knowing right from wrong, good manners, treating your elders with respect, opening/holding the door for the “weaker-sex” and so on.

In other words, we were taught to act as proper “ladies and gentlemen” when interacting with others.  And thankfully, there are a rare few still being brought up in this manner.  After an earlier encounter today, I no longer believe this to be the norm though. 

I live just a couple blocks from a public skating park in Aloha, Oregon.  So we have many small children walking, skating and riding bikes to meet up with friends there.  I’ve spoken with a few just in greeting and indeed, they responded in kind.   Today I happened to overhear two young females pass by and with loud voices, proceeded to use profanity that would turn the ears of an old merchant seaman red!  Now mind you, these young females were twelve or thirteen years of age at most!  I’m almost used to it from the boys, but from the girls?

Now you noticed I didn’t refer to them as “ladies”.  I believe that any female using profanity like that definitely is not a lady!  No matter the age.  Don’t get me wrong, I used profanity with great profusion while serving in the military and it took me a good two years of civilian life to finally break the habit.  I now years later realize that the reason for using profanity in speaking is best described as the “illiterate’s inability to communicate properly with others.”

Does this mean that individuals such as Chef Gordon Ramsay is illiterate?  Since his speaking includes the “F” word multiple times in every sentence, yes!  Granted he is a talented and well-to-do man, but an illiterate man none-the-less.  Would he be as popular with his tongue curbed?  Probably not.  Although his show would be easier to watch without all the bleeps!

In using profanity you are showing your own stupidity, not others.  So don’t disrespect others by using profanity unnecessarily in your conversations.  This lesson for today comes from your Mommy, listen up!