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AARP, again? Leave me alone!

Okay. I admit it. I am a current member of the AARP!  But hopefully, not much longer.  Now please let me explain.  I started getting “invites” to join at 38 years of age.  And they mailed me these invites three and four times a week up till now.  I checked around with friends, relatives and the like and they all agreed it was worth joining because of the discounts!  The many discounts!

Anyway, I joined four or five years ago at 57 years of age. (I know, I’m a slow joiner.)  It was some package deal of $12 for all this time and I can honestly tell you . . . . I can’t wait for the subscription to run out!  It expires in 2012, I believe.

Why do I want it to end?  Two reasons.  One, I have yet to find or use any of their so-called membership discounts.  And two, all being a member has done for me is to inundate me with daily (some twice-daily) come-ons and mailers for a multitude of insurance advertisements.  Everything from life to burial insurances.  I guess they’re trying to get our last retirement dollars before we pass on, or worse, give it to someone else in need like our offspring!

Oh, and there actually is a third reason I’m not renewing my membership with them and that is because they are devoted anti-gun nuts enthusiasts and support many of the current anti-gun laws being pushed down our throats by a certain prez and his cohorts in office.

But that is just my opinion and my way of showing AARP that I won’t condone their shenanigans by getting involved in this gun issue.  Meanwhile AARP, you’ve lost two more members (my wife and I) for good.  Now leave us alone and quit sending all your crap spam!

And may He forgive your spamming ways.