White, Plastic Gallon Milk/Water Jugs – What to do with them.

I been using many of these common jugs for drinking water as well as distilled water for my CPAP Machine and find that they tend to accumulate rather quickly in quantity, even with the two-week Recycling pickup schedule. So what to do with them? I did some online searches and found a few projects available that are pretty simple. Some others, a bit more involved. All using these versatile plastic bottles. So here are some websites showing just what I found, from bird feeders to animal characters to mini-greenhouses!

Milk Jug Bird Feeder (Google Search)



Milk Jug Greenhouse (also Googled)



Milk Jug Crafts – Pinterest.Com


Dachshund Milk Jug



Harriet the Heifer Milk Jug Craft



Milk Jug Crafts For Kids



Hope this helps you in figuring out what to do with all those jugs gathering in your garage. Have fun!




Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

Why is “Happy Holidays” considered the more politically correct way of giving good wishes to your fellow man on the street? And why should we care?

Retailers in their rush to separate you from your currency during their busiest shopping time of the year, want to be sure not to step on any more toes than they have to in order to increase their sales. Toward that end, they not only listen to the Christian voices calling out “Merry Christmas”, but want to accept the “anti-christ” or atheist voices as well.

Since the atheist individuals are taking to the courts to enforce the separation of religion and state, they must also be heard. Unfortunately it is to the detriment of the Christians that also reinforce the belief of what is printed on our currency, “In God We Trust”. Stating that our country was not only founded on religious principles but is in our everyday life as shown in our signs and statuary on the public buildings throughout our nation.

So what is the politically correct salutation during this annual celebration of the birth of our Lord? They tell me that “Happy Holidays” should be the proper response.

Does this mean the “Happy Holidays” is the proper response for all holidays throughout the year? Let’s try this out on a few of these days then.

Merry Christmas = Happy Holidays
Happy Thanksgiving = Happy Holidays
Independence Day = Happy Holidays
Easter = Happy Holidays

Well it appears to work so far, but let’s take it a little further.

President’s Day = Happy Holidays
Martin Luther King Day = Happy Holidays
Memorial Day = Happy Holidays

Now there seems to be a problem developing here . . . With these three are we celebrating the birth, life or death of the individual? In the case of the first two we celebrate their approximate birthdays. But what about Memorial Day?

Surely we don’t celebrate their births or even their deaths as such, but more so their actual lives and dedication toward this nation they called home. To say that Memorial Day should be recognized by saying Happy Holidays in salutation is not only demeaning to the holiday, but to the Veterans themselves.

We celebrate the honor, the integrity, the dedication and the lives these men and women have given in defense of this country and we won’t stand for trivializing this because it is politically correct.

Or because we shouldn’t connect our Lord and Savior’s name to it. This great nation was founded by devoutly religious men and women. Many times one of the first structures built in these new-founded communities was their house of worship. All oaths are sworn to by the words, “. .so help me God” and the idea of separating church from state in order to promote their communistic ways is ludicrous. After all, even our money states,”In God We Trust”, not in Obama we trust!


Show your appreciation to the Veterans!

This is kind of last-minute as I’ve worked at helping our fellow Veterans and their families in need by way of collecting donations for Buddy Poppies at the local Fred Meyer.  I’ve done this for the last two weekends and on Veteran’s Day I will also be attending the Ceremony at the Veteran’s Gateway at the Washington Country Fairgrounds to further help my VFW Post #2666.  I hope many of you will be there to see the VFW Color Guard in action; it takes place again on November 11th at 11:00 AM.

For those of you unable to attend, but you’ll still be out and about, Give Thanks to all the Veterans you meet this day.  They will appreciate your thanks and support!  To those of you who plan on staying at home to watch the games, take a break at half-time and go out and Thank a few yourself!  The Veterans gave of themselves in time, lives and their health for you, it is the least you can do for them.

To my brothers in uniform, whether now or sometime in the past I can only say this to them all . . . THANK YOU, BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!  And you will always be in my thoughts forever for your sacrifice and love of country!

Bless All of You and may you be in His favor always.


College Pro Painters – Very unprofessional!

I’ve been trying to get some bids for a new roof and an exterior paint job on my home of two years and as I have seen the handmade signs on the road-side for many years in the Portland Metro area advertising “College Pro Painters”, I decided to call them and get an estimate.  I called and made an in-home appointment for 1:00 PM on July 13th, 2013, approximately ten days prior to the actual appointment.

On the day of the appointment at 1:15 PM (yes, they were late!) they called and left a message to say that they, “Would be on time for our 2:00 PM appointment.”  I guess they must have thought that as I’m a senior that I wouldn’t notice the delayed appointment time!  Anyway, come 2:05 PM (yes, late again!) a woman named “Lauren” called to cancel and asked to reschedule?!!  I told “Lauren” that due to their lack of professionalism and their un-business-like way of conducting their operation, I would not now or ever be interested in using their services!  And then hung up the phone.

Today is July 18, 2013 and guess who just called me to state that she had a note that I was interested in getting an estimate?!! You’re kidding me right? Evidently at her young age she has already developed selective senility considering “Lauren” and I spoke only five days ago!  She also didn’t like me “bad-mouthing” her company and kept trying to cut me off by speaking over me, and doing it rather loudly!

Admittedly she tried to offer me a “trim paint job” as recompense for the bad service and their rude behavior, but putting up with more scheduling headaches from them for the sake of paint on a few skinny boards . . . not worth the attitude.  Forget ’em! I don’t know what her/their problem is but if she is indicative of their company and the other employees they use, then the world would be better off if they’d just closed their doors, permanently!

By the way, a different girl this time called a couple of days ago saying she received a note stating “I might be interested in an estimate” . . . .  sheer stupidity!!  And they’re supposedly “college educated”?  Hmmmm . . . I doubt it.

Captain Larry James Hanley has come home!

Captain Larry James Hanley, a MIA Vietnam Vet has come home!  I would like to welcome home another brother from “across the pond”.  He’s originally an US Air Force Jet Engine Mechanic from Walla Walla, Washington.
For some more background on the man, see the webpage here at the Union-Bulletin.com website.  For more information on his posthumous promotion to Major and of his funeral, please see the webpage here, also at the Union-Bulletin.com website.
It warms my heart every time I hear of another “brother-in-arms” coming home to finally receive the long-awaited peaceful rest he so rightly deserves.  May the good Lord receive him unto his fold and watch over him until once again he is reunited with his family in the hereafter.
Welcome home my Brother,

Another “Brother” home from Vietnam

From Military.Com – Jul 03, 2013

Soldier Killed in Vietnam War Copter Crash Buried

A Vietnam War soldier missing since his helicopter was shot down in 1970, was identified
and laid to rest Tuesday at Arlington National Cemetery.

Dozens of family members gathered in Section 60 to watch a horse-drawn caisson deliver the remains of
Army Spc. John L. Burgess in a casket draped with the American flag.


Find the rest of the article at their website located HERE.

Welcome home, my brother!  You’ve done us proud!


Memorial Day Wish

Hi everyone, I’ve been rather busy around the house working on many projects including collecting donations for my local Veteran’s of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post in Hillsboro, Oregon by way of Poppies.  As one of many Veterans, I had to stop long enough to make this heartfelt wish.

To all my brother Veterans whether you are still active, retired or simply an honorably discharged Veteran like myself; I want to wish you my deepest thanks and blessings to all that have chosen to serve this country when she needed us the most.  And to those of our brothers who never returned, may you be at peace and may the good Lord watch over and keep you until once again we are all reunited by his side.

For this last group I must say this, that they indeed are what are called true heroes and as quoted from the Holy Bible:

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”  —John 15:13

Blessed be our warriors and heroes . . .