Preferred Software

Recently asked what software I prefer and/or use regularly. First off, I’m a firm believer in free and open source software and will try to use it before I would buy any expensive software. Remember, I’m on a fixed income and have to watch them dollars! Next I’ll let you know that I am currently using Windows Vista Home Premium in the AMD-64 bit configuration, although all of these programs I have run on my older Windows Millennium System and had no problems on it either. While this list isn’t all inclusive at this time, it does give you a start and I will add to it as time progresses.

Atomic Clock Sync – To keep my computer clock as accurate as possible, I use Atomic Clock Sync which can be found here. Click on “See Full Specifications” to see a listing of all computer systems that can use this program.

CloudPad – “.. a simple to use note taking and storage system that lets you organise and prioritise notes in a flexible simple to use maner(sp).” You’ll find it at the website listed here.

Fences – This wild little program allows you to have a completely icon free desktop and yet with only a simple double-click, all icons once again become visible and usable. All the icons will be grouped according to your settings and requirements into individual “fences” that can also be individually titled and sized. Convenient! But it only is for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 currently. And here it is!

Keepass Password Safe – This excellent open source program will retain all your passwords, urls and so on, all under your one master password. It willsupport multiple user keys, is portable and doesn’t require installation to work. You’ll find it at the website listed here.

LastPass – “Automatically synchronizes your data: access it from anywhere at anytime.””All of your data is encrypted locally on your PC – only YOU can unlock it.” It also states that it is a password manager and form filler in one, along the lines of Roboform would be the closest example of a similar program I would guess. While it seems to work well for a while, it started to act up a bit after a few weeks so it was deactivated (started at boot-up). It’s open-source and says it works on Mac, Windows and Linux systems. Update: I’ve since reverted back to Keepass as my preferred password manager. You’ll find LastPass at the website listed here.

RoughDraft – Richard Salsbury’s simple and useful writing program the saves files in TEXT and RTF. You can make each page a chapter and then put it together when done to print out your book. Quick and simple. It also makes a great RTF editor without having to use monster programs like Word which is resource heavy. Available here.

tinySpell – This spelling check program is used by me when I start up the computer. It will check the spelling on whatever you happen to be typing into at the moment. It works in NotePad, MS Works, forums, websites and even this blog as I type this post. You can find this great program here.

WordWeb – Antonyms, dictionary, synonyms, thesaurus what ever you want, this program will do it all! Granted it has grown to over 17 MBs, but it is still a very quick and useful program. The link for it is here.

The software listed below is software that I am presently trying on for size. Maybe because I had a need or because I thought it might be useful, some just because I was curious at the time. If you have any opinions on them, drop me a comment.

Wubi – If your curious about the Linux Operating System, this Windows program is for you! It installs like any other software and can be removed the same way, through the Add/Remove  icon in the Control Panel. What’s so great is that it installs the Gnome Version of the Ubuntu Linux Operating System on your computer. It will configure everything automatically necessary for it to function properly on your Windows System. Then when you restart your computer, you’re given a choice of  Windows or Ubuntu to start in. Try out the Ubuntu system to your hearts content, from Open Office to TomBoy or maybe play some Linux games. When your done trying it out you can keep it as a dual boot or just remove it using the Control Panel. Simple!


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