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Mexico Has Voice in Court Case Against U.S. Immigration Law?

This news article is one of those that make you say . . . huh?  You’re kidding right?  Evidently a federal judge believes it necessary.  Here’s the article:

Judge Lets Mexico Have Voice in Court Case Against U.S. Immigration Law – Published July 01, 2010

Mexico gets to have a say in one of the lawsuits challenging Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. A federal judge on Thursday granted Mexico’s request to be allowed to file a legal brief supporting the challenge. That means the judge will consider the brief Mexico submitted previously.

Mexico says it wants to defend its citizens’ rights and that the law would lead to racial profiling and hinder trade and tourism. It also says the law would hinder work against drug trafficking and related violence.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the law on April 23 and changes to it on April 30, has lawyers defending it in court.

In a statement issued last week, Brewer said she was “very disappointed” to learn of Mexico’s filing and reiterated that “Arizona’s immigration enforcement laws are both reasonable and constitutional.” “I believe that Arizona will ultimately prevail and that our laws will be found constitutional,” Brewer added.

Brewer and other supporters of the bill say the law is intended to pressure illegal immigrants to leave the United States. They contend it is a needed response to federal inaction over what they say is a porous border and social problems caused by illegal immigration. They also argue that it has protections against racial profiling.

The law’s provisions include a requirement that police enforcing another law ask people about their immigration status if there’s a “reasonable suspicion” they’re in the country illegally.  The law takes effect July 29 unless blocked by a court.

Until recently, Mexican law made illegal immigration a criminal offense — anyone arrested for the violation could be fined, imprisoned for up to two years and deported. Mexican lawmakers changed that in 2008 to make illegal immigration a civil violation like it is in the United States, but their law still reads an awful lot like Arizona’s.

Arizona’s policy, which President Felipe Calderon derided during a recent U.S. trip as “discriminatory,” states police can’t randomly stop people and demand papers, and the law prohibits racial profiling.

Mexican law, however, requires law enforcement officials “to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country before attending to any issues.” Amnesty International recently issued a report claiming illegal immigrants in Mexico — typically from Central America — face abuse, rape and kidnappings, and that Mexican police do little to stop it. When illegal immigration was a criminal offense in Mexico, officials were known to seek bribes from suspects to keep them out of jail.

But Mexico said it has a legitimate interest in defending its citizens’ rights and that Arizona’s law would lead to racial profiling, hinder trade and tourism, and strain the countries’ work on combating drug trafficking and related violence?

See what I mean?  Unbelievable!  Hypocrites!



Ray Stevens answers the immigration debate

Popular comedic singer, Ray Steven’s has a video answer for the ongoing illegal immigration debate.  Although presented in a comedy video premise, there is a lot of truth in the way other nations solve their immigration problems as mentioned in the song.  It gives one pause for thought in the way we handle our problem.  Find the video here.


Liberals using extortion?

Even with a majority of the country saying “No!”, the Demos still passed Obamacare while telling us all, “It’s for the good of the country.”  Now that Arizona passed Arizona SB 1070, which polls show a majority of this country agree with, the Liberals are telling us the law needs to be struck down for the same reason.  Now to make sure Jan Brewer (Arizona’s Governor) who signed it into law, thinks twice about her actions, they have really sunk to a new low.  The protestors are wanting to try some plain ol’ blackmail to justify their actions. 

ESPN: Quote from Governor Jan Brewer-
“By now, sports fans everywhere have heard something about the passage of Senate Bill 1070, a measure I signed into law. It has resulted in protests outside ballparks hosting our Arizona Diamondbacks and has led to calls on Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig to strip the City of Phoenix’s opportunity to host baseball’s Midsummer Classic in July 2011. Urging Major League Baseball to take away next year’s All-Star Game from Phoenix is the wrong play.”

Jan Brewer

Christian Petersen/Getty Images  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer took in the Diamondbacks-Phillies game a couple of days after she signed SB 1070 into law.

 I guess they believe in the quote credited to Niccolo Machiavelli  that “The ends justify the means.”  If you want to read the Governor’s complete response you can find it here.  Also don’t forget to write mail, email or phone her to show your support using the contacts listed here. Thanks to Robert at AmericanandProud.Net for the link and this picture of a few protestors. Note the sign. 

More taxes, anyone?

For those with age challenged eyes like me, the sign states:



Would you really like this kind of violent individuals living next door to you? Think about it, then show your support for Governor Jan Brewer by writing your support to her now. Thank you!


Arizona: Gabriella speaks to the Council

If you agree with the passage of the latest law in Arizona SP1070, or worse yet, you’re white and admit out loud that you support it, you’re pretty much identified as a racist by the liberal media.  But wait a second!  This lady is a new, proud American citizen and an immigrant from Mexico!  And it is she who is in support of the new law.  Good for her!  Watch the video here.