HDMI Cables in Gold?

As an electrician, my neighbor thought I could answer this question for him.  So here goes.  “Are the $20 HDMI Cables the same as the $100 ones found at Best Buy?

If they are of equal length, the quick answer would be, “Yes”.  But now a little explanation, the typical conductive coating on the less expensive cable is replaced with an ultra thin conductive coating of gold on the higher priced version.  Why? Because gold is the best electrical conductor there is and it won’t corrode.  What does this mean?  Low static or “noise” interference during playing of your video and sound media would be minimal or even eliminated on cables with the gold coating.  Should you buy only the more expensive cables all the time?  If you live on the ocean with the salt air or plan on using this cable for the next hundred years or more, than the answer is “Yes.”  If not, the cheaper cables will work fine with the typical home installation for a number of years and your eyes and ears probably won’t tell the difference anyway.  Besides which, for the $100 cable, you can buy five of the cheaper ones and have spares around for when they are needed!



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