Arlington revisited, again?

I couldn’t help it.  The fiasco at Arlington National Cemetery involving the mismatched graves and markers is now over 6,000.  Did I say 6,000?  Yup!  That’s an affirmative!  Over 6,000 graves not marked correctly and not where they’re supposed to be located.   Serve honorably in our military (or in politics as the case may be), so you would think you would be treated the same in death, right? 

Well, instead you get buried only God knows where, and the capper to-it-all, with someone else’s name evidently picked at random on your marker!!  The Man above prevents me from printing what I really think of the management there, but this is completely un-freakin’-believable! 

Tell you what.  Let’s make it a requirement for this management and his subordinates involved in this farce.  When they die we get to bury them in any cemetery and in any part of the United States and we get to do this without telling their families where we buried them!!  Let the local veterinarian try to figure out why overnight there’s a six-foot long grave in a pet cemetery in Topeka, Kansas!



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