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White, Plastic Gallon Milk/Water Jugs – What to do with them.

I been using many of these common jugs for drinking water as well as distilled water for my CPAP Machine and find that they tend to accumulate rather quickly in quantity, even with the two-week Recycling pickup schedule. So what to do with them? I did some online searches and found a few projects available that are pretty simple. Some others, a bit more involved. All using these versatile plastic bottles. So here are some websites showing just what I found, from bird feeders to animal characters to mini-greenhouses!

Milk Jug Bird Feeder (Google Search)


Milk Jug Greenhouse (also Googled)


Milk Jug Crafts – Pinterest.Com


Dachshund Milk Jug


Harriet the Heifer Milk Jug Craft


Milk Jug Crafts For Kids


Hope this helps you in figuring out what to do with all those jugs gathering in your garage. Have fun!