Warning about “2012 Senior Benefit Program” card!

I got a yellow card today. States that it is about a benefit program that will pay up to $30,000 toward funeral expenses!  It says it’s from an outfit called, “National Data Research Center” and it requests you sign your name, your phone number and you and your spouse’s birthdays then just drop it in the mail, postage prepaid!  First off, it’s a scam!  They are trying to get your information so that they can sell it to other parties for up to $25 a  lead. Mainly for annuities and insurance companies so that they can inundate you with their ads, fliers and mailers for their products.

At the least, hopefully this is all they’ll do to you. Seems this information can also be used for identity theft!  So what do you do with the card?  You can contact the local Better Business Bureau as it seems Oregon’s BBB had run-ins with this outfit before.  In 1997 and again 2001.  The Dallas, Texas BBB says the company is based in Melissa, Tex., and lists its owner as Ronald Morgan. The BBB says Acc-U-Lead (Morgan’s company) also does business under the names National Data Research Center, Lead Room, United States Senior Service Inc. and USSS.

The Oregon Better Business Bureau (BBB) link can be found here. The entire link if you have difficulties is: “http://alaskaoregonwesternwashington.bbb.org/Contact-BBB/”  Listed are not only the emails, but the phone numbers and addresses too. If you want to learn more about National Data Research Center, just google it.  All sorts of information can be found there.



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