Thanks to you all!

It is New Year’s Eve with about two hours to midnight.  I wanted to take a moment to thank my family, my friends and my readers (who hopefully will think of me as their friend!).  I do this blog somewhat irregularly I know and maybe in this new year I will be able to spend more time on it, I hope so.

I started it because of my stroke. It was therapy, something for me to do.  It was a stress reliever, because being full-time disabled at home now is a stressful time for me.  And it’s a way to pass on forty-five plus years of information, instructions and guidance that I have learned in my sixty-two years of living.

I decided after the stroke ended my business and career that the knowledge was still with me even if physically I can no longer do the real labor.  So my blog was born.  To pass on this knowledge and experience to any who ask for it.  Up till now there hasn’t been that many asking, but for 2012 there will be many more.  Of this I am sure.  So with my reader’s help and the Good Lord’s guidance, we will make 2012 a very good and prosperous new year.  So everyone, Happy New Year and talk with you soon!

God Bless,



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