Scam Alert! Phone # 315-413-8012

At least that is the number he gave to me today. It shows as a Verizon land-line out of Syracuse, New York. Possibly a Skype/Voip call. Claimed to be “Officer Mark Johnson” with the “Legal Universe Notification Department”, yeah right, with a very difficult to understand Indian accent! There is more information located here and here. What ever you do, don’t give them anything!! They say they have your account numbers and your Social Security number, etc.. and if this were true they would have already emptied your accounts.

Put them on the defensive, ask them questions. Things like, “Okay then, what is my Social Security number?” and so on. Believe me, he will hang up immediately and he might even tell you not to call ‘this’ number again!  By the way, is it possible to make collect calls against his number? Hmmm . . .  I wonder?  Until the next time, be careful and God Bless!



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  1. Posted by Barbara on June 1, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    I got a demanding call from this number today 6/1/2011. The guy on the line insisted that I borrowed money from some cash advance or cash america company. When I asked to repeat the name he mummble something (he had a foreign tongue) and again mumble. He gave me a case #1003924 and said I bowrrowed money from the un-named company in 2010! When I asked him questions on who what and why’s he hung-up so I called him back to get more of nothing and he hung-up again after telling him I was going on the internet to look up his # and his so called claim.. he hung up again.. Thanks for the info SparkChaser4!!


  2. Posted by Brad on September 21, 2011 at 7:50 AM

    Got a call from this guy today, said most of the same thing you said. Told me a lawsuit was being filed with my county courthouse. I happen to work downtown right across the street from the courthouse, so I told him i was in the parking lot of the courthouse and would go in and take care of it, he hung up. Reported this to a sheriffs deputy, he said to watch my credit report to make sure nothing shows up, but that I would probably never hear from him again since I threatened to walk into the courthouse and take care of it.


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