Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom

For all you Glock owners who fear the “accidental misfire”, I came across this little conversion that someone with a little machining background can do or just take it to your favorite local gunsmith to have done.  With your newly installed “manual safety” you won’t have to worry about that misfire, especially for those that carry their Glock as a Concealable Carry Weapon. 

While many claim with already three safeties on it, a manual safety wasn’t needed in the original design. Others are used to handguns with manual safeties and prefer their weapons of choice to have them installed, no matter how many others it has (I fit in this group). This after-market “safety” retrofit might go to help ease the mind of the latter. Who knows, it might even boost Glocks sales with it coming availability.

If this item does becomes popular enough, maybe Glock might include something like it as an option on their handguns. Cominolli Custom is the manufacturer of this product.  You can find more information, including a video here through USA Carry.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for posting our review. Do you think you could add us to your blogroll links?


    • No problem, Luke! Anyone working in support of Concealed Carry is worthy of a Link at least! It would be my honor, both as a fellow CCW Licensed individual and as a gentleman. Maybe some day you might do me the honor of reciprocating. Thanks much! Denny.


  2. Thanks Denny!


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