Arlington Cemetery update . . . again?

For those of you keeping score, this is my fifth update since my original post on June 11th of last year.  All about the ongoing screw-up happening at our national cemetery on misidentified graves.  They are dated: June 11th (the original), June 21, July 27, August 4 and September 21.  If you’re curious or need a refresher on these postings, just do a search on this blog for “Arlington Cemetery”.
Back to the update from:  VFW Magazine,  March 2011 Issue

Law Forces Accounting at Arlington

A law enacted in December seeks to ensure better management of Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Public Law 111-339 requires the Army secretary to provide Congress a full accounting of all 320,000 graves and an evaluation of management practices at the Army-run cemetery.

According to the House VA Committee, the law requires a report by Dec. 22, 2011, that includes notification of any gravesite discrepancies, an accounting of all contracts and a status update on implementation of recent Army directives.

I guess we’ll see come Christmas time if they accomplish their goal or not.  I hope they’re successful as it will help to put the hearts and minds of many families to rest, finally. May He watch over them forever!



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