James Randi attacks makers of homeopathic meds!

The article titled:  Magician James Randi, skeptics launch attack on makers of homeopathic ‘drugs’.  The article found in the L.A. Times is about how the homeopathic manufacturers making cure-all pills and such for every malady imaginable, are in fact manufacturing products that do nothing at all.  The man backs up his words by actually putting his money where his mouth is, betting $1,000,000 if these manufacturers can provide proof that the use of their products actually work as described. 

He’s also asking for retailers like; CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens to remove these type products from their shelves.  You can find the complete article here.  I’ve always had my doubts about homeopathic medicine.  I think the bulk of their “cures” are more likely from placebos and the power-of-suggestion  instead of chemical.  Very interesting reading though.  I look forward to seeing if there are any takers for his “bet”.



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