Washington puts Veteran’s in “the back of the bus”!

Watch this video in which Medal Of Honor recipient SSgt Sal Giunta receives his award, listen to the narrator Michael Berry tell you where first, the congressmen were placed and then where they put SSgt Giunta’s family as well as his fellow veterans and their families.  Looks to me like they were buried “in back” for a purpose!  Could it be he doesn’t want to soil his hands by shaking the hands of these honorable young men?  Or is it more than likely that the congressmen put them to the back so that they could do a little “a– kissing” to the prez.  I think it’s the latter. 

Now we know what the prez and his cronies really think of us vets.  Not much!  Something to be taken advantage of, used up, then discarded like the rest of the trash.  Come 2012, they will learn the hard way!



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