E-cigarettes contain Anti-Freeze!

This is according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration which stated that the e-cigarettes contained diethylene glycol — a toxic chemical used in anti-freeze.  As a result of this finding, The Surgeon General, Lt. Gen. Charles B. Green of the U.S. Air Force, warns all personnel about the danger of e-cigarettes and that they are banned wherever smoking is banned. 

If the military is already banning them maybe we should reconsider civilian use of them too.  “Safe water-vapor” according to the advertisements or no, I don’t want to be around one in public if there is the slightest possibility of it containing carcinogenic ingredients being spread by this same water vapor.  I smoked for over 32 years and quit about eight years ago, I don’t need those poisons in my lungs all over again!

And for those that are curious, at my peak I smoked three and a half packs of cigarettes a day.  I got it down to one pack a day on my own and then quit the only way that is successful — Cold Turkey!  Believe me people, all these Quit Smoking Programs, Pills and Gums just make it more difficult than it really is to quit.  Simply quit, drink plenty of juices and water to help flush your “system” out, just keep repeating to yourself, “One day at a time!”  After a week you’ll be clean, smelling things that you didn’t notice before, fresh-baked bread, flowers, your girlfriend’s/wife’s perfume and so on.  They will also appreciate the fact that you too will smell better.  Try it.  You will be glad you did!  Find the FDA Article here.



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