Checking a Used 1911 to buy

This excellent post is thanks to “Xavier Thoughts on ‘Checking a Used 1911 with a Purchase in Mind’“.  A very worthwhile read for those of you considering the “true aficionados gun”, the 1911 in .45 caliber!  I’ve had one since last fall and it’s unbelievable how well-balanced and natural pointing the weapon actually is compared to non-1911 handguns.  It is a Kimber Custom II Stainless and a thing of beauty it is!  New in the box for $600 back then and now this same handgun is going for $1,100!  A heck of an investment!  Again, check out his “Checking a Used 1911” article and while you’re at it, check out his post on the home handyman’s efforts to buff out the feed ramp on a 1911 or as he calls this type of person, “Danny Dremel” and the damage they can do to ruin a good weapon.  Find it here.



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