SSgt Tim Chambers Honors Vets

Okay.  I admit it!  Seeing SSgt Tim Chambers honoring veterans during Rolling Thunder 2010 by holding a salute over six hours definitely brought a tear to my eyes.  Even though his salute got a little shaky at times, he held it for six and one-half hours! 

This first video shows him near the intersection as the motorcycles rode past on either side of him.  Some returning his salute as they rode by, some stopping to stand and return it.  And still he maintains it, for six years in a rowHere is the first video of him.   The second video is him giving the explanation to why he does it. Find it here.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Tim has a website now, please visit it at ;
    Its just getting up and running but something he has needed to do for some time now.


  2. Thank you Diane, for this update! I appreciate you letting us know about this honorable man’s website. I look forward to visiting it regularly as do many others in the future. God Bless and good luck to you both!


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