Mold on the concrete

I have what appears to be mold or moss on part of my driveway, how do I remove it permanently?

Moss on concrete drives, sidewalks and the like is a common complaint.  There are a number of good products on the market that will aid in its removal, but permanently?  There are other factors that might make this impossible.  The first being is the area it’s in, is it shaded?  Adjacent to some shrubbery or trees?  Surrounded by lawn as in a small decorative spot?  Could be that it is constantly shaded there because of the car parking over it?  If it is one of these factors that you can’t change or correct, than all you can do is just remove it for a time using moss killer or the like.  My sidewalk gets a moss and black mold on it that is very slippery to walk on by me and my cane.  I have found a product called “30 Seconds” that works great in its removal, but I must use it once every other year to keep it clean.  No big thing since it only takes me about ten minutes to do it.  What ever you choose to use, make sure it states on the container that it is safe on concrete or whatever material your driveway is made of, as well as the surrounding landscape or you will end up with a darker colored driveway or dead plants as a result.  Good luck!



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