Hundreds of Bodies Misidentified at Arlington!-Follow up

This is a follow-up article to my earlier post on June 11, 2010 about the above titled news article on Military.Com.  This latest news listing can be found on their website here.  After reading the news story all I can wonder is this — after mishandling, burying and misidentifying literally hundreds of bodies, upsetting untold number of parents, husbands, wives, sons and daughters as to the handling and whereabouts of their family members, than I they receive is a fine, and a two-year probation?  Unbelievable!!  The Virginia funeral home should have been put out of business or at least been barred from Arlington or any other national cemeteries.  Let a more patriotic and honorable company take over the business for Uncle Sam and the V.A..  As a fellow Vet, I take a little comfort in knowing where I will find my last repose, and I sure as hell heck hope it won’t be with the wrong name and/or site because of idiots such as this!!



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