Homeless Veterans are Not Forgotten

This is the second article from the June/July 2010 Issue of VFW that I deemed noteworthy.  Let your townspeople and all know that all veterans, even homeless ones, deserve a final goodbye with honor and dignity.  And while you’re at it, offer your thanks to the people of Dignity Memorial ®. 

Homeless Veterans are Not Forgotten

There is a group of Americans who need our help–homeless veterans. They’re hungry and alone.

Although statistics vary, it appears that a significant number of the homeless in America are veterans–sleeping in parks, on streets, in cardboard boxes, under bridges and in tunnels every night. 

“It is unacceptable for a single veteran to spend the night on the streets of America,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki. 

Many in this situation are unable to cope in today’s society. Homelessness is expected to increase as soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan, says VA. 

The U.S. government does provide support for homeless veterans, but offers no program for them when life ends. In the past, forgotten homeless veterans have been buried in a pauper’s grave, without services or military honors. 

Because they believe all veterans who served their country deserve honor and respect in life and, certainly, dignity in death, the Dignity Memorial ® network of funeral, cremation and cemetery service providers created the Dignity Memorial Homeless Veterans Burial Program

It is designed for veterans who die and whose bodies are left unclaimed with medical examiners. In such cases, no friends or family members assume responsibility. 

In partnership with VFW, Dignity Memorial providers help to ensure that eligible veterans receive the honors in death that their service in life merited with burial in a VA or state cemetery. 

To learn more about this program, please visit http://www.DignityMemorial.com and click on the Veterans tab. 

May He bless them and give them the eternal peace they so richly deserve. 



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