Congress Honors Cold War Veterans

In the recent June/July 2010 Issue, VFW had a couple of articles that I thought were worthy of printing here.  Here is the first one about our Cold War Vets, the second and last will follow this one.  It is about honoring our homeless veterans.  Here is the first one, if you  know a veteran, please pass this on.   

Congress Honors Cold War Veterans 
In recognition of the “sacrifices and contributions” made by U.S. troops who served during the Cold War, the House unanimously approved H.R. 900 on March 21. 

 The resolution notes the Cold War lasted from Sept. 2, 1945–the date of the formal Japanese surrender ending World War II–to Dec. 26, 1991–the day the Soviet Union ceased to exist. It recalls the hundreds of military exercises and operations, the millions of Americans who served valiantly and the Americans who sacrificed their lives.   


It defined the Cold War’s purpose as “defeating communism and promoting world peace and stability.” It also encourages U.S. citizens to honor the sacrifices and contributions of those who served.   

The American Cold War Veterans, Inc., lobbied Congress to pass the resolution. The group’s spokesman said his members are pleased, but would have preferred that the legislation specify May 1 as an annual day of recognition.   

“This is just a small step to the final solution,” said Sean Eagan, a VFW life member. “In order to get all House members to vote for it, the [House Armed Services] committee told us we would have to strip the reference to May 1.”   

Eagan says his group hopes to accomplish that goal in the future. According to VFW’s Cold War Clashes: Confronting Communism, 1945-1991, 382 Americans were killed by hostile action during the Cold War.   



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