Tape “On” a circuit breaker?!

Connie asked me if it was okay to tape the handle of the circuit breaker “on” because it kept tripping!  My answer was a definitive “No!”  Now to the reason for those that don’t know or understand why.  The purpose of the tripping circuit breaker isn’t just to aggravate or “tick-off” the homeowner, it is doing what it was designed to do, protect you the homeowner.  If as an example you overload your circuit, develop a “short-circuit” or plug-in a defective appliance and it trips the circuit breaker, than thank the nice circuit breaker for protecting you and leave it off until short and/or overload is properly repaired.  And please have it repaired by a reputable repairman, not someone with a hand-painted sign on the plywood sides of his pickup!  Make sure he is registered, licensed, bonded and insured as an electrician (it will keep your fire insurance in effect if the need should arise).  I know of two instances of homes burning, one partially and one completely to the ground, because of “handyman” that they had trusted and used for years, but come to find out, were never licensed, insured, etc.  End result, the homeowner had to repair/replace their home completely out of their own pocket.  Take nothing for granted, ask to see proof of these contractor’s required items before even talking to them. A properly licensed electrician or any contractor is required to carry these documents with him on any job.  Do this for me and stay safe!



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