An addendum to the last post

In addition to my last post I’ve had a further request concerning exhaust fans, both range hood and bathroom. Maintenance on a range hood consists of the obvious, turn off the circuit breaker and than wash/wipe down as much of the underside of the hood that is accessible. Don’t forget to do the outside (the topside) daily or monthly with the underside as well. While I’m at it, don’t oversize the wattage of the light bulb when you need to replace it. Only use what is specified on the Maximum Wattage Label and no more, the wiring won’t handle it long or safely. If no label, then err on the safe side and go with a 40 watt bulb as this is typical for range hoods.

Bathroom exhaust fans should be cleaned annually at a minimum. This also involves turning off the circuit, then typically two or four screws and one electrical plug from the motor. Two if you have a heat lamp. If you can’t remove the fan blade easily from the motor, then using a damp but not dripping rag, gently wipe clean the fan blade. Using a “real soft” bristle paintbrush gently “sweep” clean the motor itself. This includes the motor shaft, the coil windings, etc. Don’t get the paper cover on the motor windings wet as this could cause it to dissolve or loosen, not to mention electrical problems from shorting out. Let them dry thoroughly before reinstallation. Now turn your attention to the fan housing in the ceiling and using the paintbrush again, along with the soft bristle attachment connected to your vacuum cleaner, do a complete cleaning of the interior of the housing. Keep in mind that with hot showers and normal dust found in the air, the alternating layers of condensation and dust accumulates and when dry can set up hard as concrete! Then you need to also look to a putty knife or scraper of sorts to break this “crust” loose to complete your cleaning job. Don’t forget to let dry completely, reassemble and turn back on the circuit breaker. Well, now you’re done! Until next year. Now on to the fridge.



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