When should I change the smoke detector?

To answer this question, first I must ask you one. Have you been cleaning yours at least annually? This is usually done with a vacuum cleaner with the soft bristle attachment. If you don’t, the dust will accumulate to the point that you will get false alarms. With this in mind, now I’ll answer your question. I make it a habit of replacing battery and hard-wired smoke detectors in every residence when I first move into it and a maximum of every ten years after that I’ll change them again. That is a maximum, sometimes I will change them in as little as every five years. This also includes Carbon monoxide detectors and all the fire extinguishers in the home. As for electrical outlets, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI), dimmers and switches, also when I first move in and then as needed. Such as when they fail, break, wear out or are being upgraded as in a remodel. This answer your question? 



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