What’s the best light for reading?

“What is the best light for reading?” She asked. Thinking of my “standard” answer for many years as an electrician, I would normally have said, “Incandescent light bulbs.” But in recent years flourescents have advanced in many ways. They now have many “colors” of the light spectrum, along with different wattages and multiple configurations. Useful for floodlighting, spotlighting, striplighting, general illumination, accents and yes, even reading. Keep in mind this isn’t all that’s available either. There are also halogen and other types of low-voltage lighting available as well. Regarding the latter, I’m sure you have seen the familar halogen “desk lights” popular for the last few years as an example. For fluorescent, consider viewing what’s available at your local lighting store and while you’re at it, remember to buy your spare light bulbs there also. Don’t buy light bulbs at the grocery store. Why? Do you buy your groceries at the lighting store? The light bulbs sold in the check-out lane at the local store can have a markup of  1,000 per cent! So buy them from the lighting store to get the best price and while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the other options available for your lighting needs.



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