Gov’mint at work again!

“Obama’s new health plan:  Striking out in one fresh direction that should have wide appeal, Obama would give federal regulators new powers over the insurance industry, a reaction to a rash of double-digit premium hikes that have infuriated policy holders in California and other states.”

Maybe I’m just a simple man, but has our government ever considered getting rid of the outlandish fees that doctors, hospitals and clinics charge us first? Then maybe the insurers won’t have a excuse reason for their ever increasing rates! My wife faints at work, they take her to the hospital emergency room for three hours. Result? Over $4,000.00!!  Insurance covers all but $380.00. That should have been the total bill in the first place. And what’s with a $750.00 ambulance bill to travel two miles? Next time it’s a taxi, it’s cheaper and just as fast! Enough already!



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