What is woman?

What is woman?

Species human, homo sapien, mankind. Call them what you will, a race of beings whose very existence depends on the female of their kind to survive. It could also be said that the majority of faults found in mankind are also due in no small part to the female of the species. This article, while only a personal opinion, is substantiated to a large extent on facts and known truths found in texts, reference materials and on the Internet. Not to mention, thirty-five years of marriage!

To begin defining the human female, I believe it would make for easier understanding of what I’m about to say if I first define the human male. So let us begin with that assumption.

The human male can best be describe as follows. He is the masculine gender of the species- homo sapien. Man. Mankind. Now let’s try to describe him more in depth. He is typically a creature of habit, whose strengths entail many great accomplishments including electricity, flight, telephones, motorized vehicles and even flights to our moon.

In his off-work hours he likes to enjoy relaxing pursuits such as; sleeping, racing, horseshoes, hunting, home improvement, picnics, gambling, sex, camping, drinking and other worthwhile hobbies to occupy his time. These pursuits help him to relax, to recharge for the next day’s work efforts.

He looks forward to the day when he can find a good, dependable and honest woman to make his bride. To enjoy each other’s company, to grow old together. To enjoy each other’s hobbies and pursuits in life. To have and raise children, to make and provide for this new family. And when the time comes to pass on, know that he has done his best for his offspring, so that they may continue on and live a good and fruitful life with what he has taught them.

This is the typical male’s goal in life. To work hard, to relax likewise, and with a good wife and mother for his children, raise a family to be proud of. To know he “done good” when he leaves this world and passes on into the next with a smile on his face.

Now to define the human female:

She wants to make sure that none of that will happen!!

I dedicate this book not only to mankind in general for his insatiable thirst for knowledge, but also specificaly to the human male who wholeheartedly and willingly puts up with the female of the specie’s idiosyncrasies while in his infinite wisdom, he knows better.



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